2030: Medically-Enhanced ‘Elite Super Workers’ Will Be Smarter, Stronger, Faster

The Technocrat and Transhuman dreams are merging on this fantasy, that humans can be fundamentally transformed without any undesirable side-effects. Such human enhancement was originally put into play by DARPA in 2001. 

The year is 2030 and medical enhancement techniques have led to the creation of a new breed of elite super-workers.

Employee’s performance is measured, monitored and analysed at every step by their corporate overlords.

These elite super-workers use technology to their advantage to become, stronger, faster and smarter.

It may sound like the plot of the next Hollywood science fiction blockbuster, but according to professional services firm PwC it could soon become reality.

The London-based firm’s latest report draws on a survey of over 10,000 people across the UK, Germany, China, India and the US.

It examines four potential worlds of work in 2030, with competing forces shaping the employment landscape in each.

The emphasis placed on the importance of people, business, innovation and the environment will shape how heavily each of the four scenarios will impact the future.

Automation and Artificial Intelligence will affect every level of businesses and its people whatever the case, the report warns.

And megatrends including shifts in global economic power, depleted fossil fuels, extreme weather, increases in global population and an ageing workforce will also shape the landscape.

In a world where business is put first and ‘corporate is king’, workers will have to strive to stay ahead and use every advantage at their disposal.

The report states that, in this world, ‘human effort is maximised through sophisticated use of physical and medical enhancement techniques and equipment, and workers’ performance and well-being are measured, monitored and analysed at every step.

‘A new breed of elite super-workers emerges.’

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