The Occultist Who Pioneered Rocket Science

If you thought occultism was the antithesis of modern science think again. Because many of the pioneers of modern science were also deeply involved in the occult and esoteric studies.
One such was Jack Parsons who is credited with having been one of the founders of what became California’s famed Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Despite this NASA has more or less written Jack Parson out of its official history, probably because his involvement in drugs and ritual magic was at odds with the organisation’s clean-cut image.
However, Jack Parsons wasn’t alone in his interests. It’s a matter of historical record that Isaac Newton, who is credited with having first formulated the laws of gravity, invented the calculus and has a whole branch of physics named after him, was also deeply immersed in esoteric studies.
At the time the notion that mankind had a divinely ordained purpose was accepted almost universally.
In fact prior to the emergence of the materialistic school of thought in the 19th century, the esoteric/occult was considered a legitimate field of study in its own right. It was only with the emergence of Darwin’s and Marx’s theories that such studies were marginalized and then ultimately discredited.
Prior to this men of learning such as Queen Elizabeth I’s adviser, mathematician and astronomer John Dee, wouldn’t have dismissed occult studies so easily. Like Isaac Newton, Dee was equally at home with occult practices as he was in laying the foundations for what became modern science.

Emanuel Swedenborg was another eminent scientific mind who didn’t dismiss spiritual notions. Apart from pioneering the concept of the neuron and the cerebral cortex, the 18th century anatomist, mathematician and engineer also wrote extensively about spiritual matters and his communication with the inhabitants of the spiritual realms.
Since the 19th century the prevailing wisdom has held that scientific materialism and spiritual world views are diametrically opposed. This dichotomy was largely accepted as the theories of Marx and Darwin gained ground.
However, given the failure of communism and the fact that Darwin’s “missing link” has still not been found, there is good reason to question why scientific materialism and the occult are still considered mutually exclusive? Could it be that they are just different perspectives on the same thing?
Part of the answer may be found in the study of subatomic particles. The fact that subatomic particles DO NOT obey Newtown’s laws of physics suggests that other forces are at work. Instead of Newton’s laws, subatomic particles appear to obey the principles of Quantum Mechanics, which incorporates what is known as the “uncertainty principle“.
This seems to be the point where the rules of scientific materialism begin to falter. According to Wikipedia, the uncertainty principle:
“states that the more precisely the position of some particle is determined, the less precisely its momentum can be known, and vice versa.”
So the scientific laws that prevail in the gross material world don’t seem to apply in the subatomic realm. Other forces come into play and it’s worth asking if they don’t emanate from the spiritual world?
It’s no coincidence that one of the lower levels of the spiritual world was referred by teachers such as Rudolf Steiner as the ethereal realm.
As the name implies, in the ethereal realm things are more delicate, unearthly, insubstantial and wraithlike.
Here it’s worth noting that Russian mystic and teacher G.I. Gurdjieff said that everything is material, even the spirit. From which it follows that in the ethereal realm matter is far less densely compacted than in the physical world. Almost as if it were composed of subatomic particles.

Is this what Isaac Newton was studying in his “occult” studies? Was he actually investigating the principles that govern subatomic particles? Not merely as a theoretical concept, but in reality on a subatomic level?

Think about it: the ancient sages said the spiritual world coexists with the gross material world and the two interpenetrate each other. Yet those in the material world remain completely oblivious to the reality of the spiritual realm. Doesn’t this sound like the situation we now find ourselves in?

It is perhaps a measure of how far humanity has fallen that those making the connection between science and the spiritual realm have gone from visionaries like Swedenborg, a devout Christian and accomplished scientific pioneer, to men like Jack Parsons. A drug taking employee of the early military-industrial complex, Parsons was not only engaged in developing rocket based weapons systems, he was also involved in demonic worship too.

As the video below explains, in 1948 Parsons wrote in his diary that he had a dream in which he encountered an entity named Belarion Dejjal. According to his diary, Dejjal told Parsons “You are helping me”.
The entity known to Muslims as Dajjal is more commonly known to Christians as the anti-Christ. This was in 1948, before the anti-Christ is supposed to incarnate in human form. But perhaps Dajjal just decided to thank Parsons in advance. For by pioneering technology that would one day deliver Weapons of Mass Destruction, Parsons may indeed have been preparing the way for Dajjal/the anti-Christ’s incarnation in this world.

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