Factions Of Freedom: American Fukushima ⚠️

[Audio Podcast Version: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/factionsoffreedom/2017/09/09/american-fukushima]


From weather modification to nuclear hurricanes, I'd say that America is in store for a radical shift, that's for sure.


In this edition we touch on how the mainstream media is covering up, or at least neglecting to mention the abundance of chemicals being released due to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. We're seeing so much devastation take place that it hasn't even been fully recognized.


FEMA, post Hurricane-Harvey and pre Hurricane Irma, are offering tetanus vaccines to survivors of the ordeal. Imagine having nearly a dozen different chemicals coming into contact with one's skin, who knows what kind of problems that would create, and yet these very same chemicals are being absorbed by the Earth.


The rhythm of the planet is being manipulated and there are long-term effects that haven't been discussed. The center of America has been compromised by a natural disaster, and now Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and possibly even New York are at risk of experiencing the same fate.


This is the American Fukushima.



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