Factions Of Freedom: States Of Emergency II ⚠️

Season 5 Premier Episode
Season 5 Premier Episode


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With all the chaos going on from  the Virgin Islands to Florida to the relief effort in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, it's clear that without a doubt our country of America is in multiple states of emergencies. After recouperating from the faux-racism presented to us in Charlotte, and the tearing down of statues, America is now facing problems of another kind; enviornmental disasters.


We saw the country come together when Harvey hit and we're expecting devastation from Irma and now Jose as well. There are a number of chemicals being exposed to open air and even swirling around in the water, so much so they're considering calling this The American Fukushima.


Any way we slice it, our country is essentially having to weather the storm of the elitists. Evidence has come out of Hurricane Harvey being manipulated and now footage is surfacing of people being delivered to FEMA Camps from Wal-Marts. All the while Trump has authorized the police to recieve more military equipment.


Talk about a start to Season 5. We're in the mix!



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