Exclusive: Martial Law in The Virgin Islands: People Smuggled, Guns & Ammo Confiscated and Volunteers Arrested ⚠️

By Leeum Briggs
The effects of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma are still being felt by the American people even if the mainstream media will not broadcast it.

On September 5th, U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp signed an executive order allowing seizure of private guns, ammunition, explosives and property the National Guard may need in order to respond effectively to Hurricane Irma.

The order is in effect and reports have come out about people scouring shops and stores for supplies and resources they may need. Citizens armed with sledgehammers, machetes and other blunt objects are roaming the city in an attempt to procure food and possibly even medical supplies. The typical outlets made sure to show minorities looting sneakers and even electronics – granted these aren’t essential to survival and shouldn’t be taken from the stores, we’re now seeing people arrested for doing so.

On September 11th footage surfaced of amphibious vehicles being deployed to Florida. This could’ve been in response to the devastation brought on by Irma, as we’ve learned that nearly $290 billion worth of damages have been done to Florida and Texas alone, it’s a logical thought to want to try and preserve as much of the infrastructure as possible, but one also has to ask if this type of equipment is needed against an environmental disaster.

Curfews were also later put in place and people found themselves prisoners of their own tattered cage. We’re looking at the gradual descent into social disintegration. If people do not have resources or even the basic medical treatments, there is a high probability of destabilization.

This brings us to our story.

An American visiting the Virgin Islands during the Hurricanes has sent us photos and videos detailing his heralding situation. Confirming that indeed the military and even the police are taking people’s food and water. They’re robbing supply boats at gun point, and even commandeering the boats for purposes unknown.

This individual is currently being smuggled out of the Virgin Islands and into Puerto Rico after witnessing the social disintegration after a week.

He goes on to mention how they’ve been arresting people, civilians and even boat captains who are simply trying to rescue people and get them off of the islands. With people ransacking shops and stores, it’s only a matter of time until they go into these cities and begin looting and picking up the scraps of society, and yet instead, they’re arresting honest, volunteering citizens. What was the fare of these volunteers? Gas money to continue to save people.

This is martial law. When the citizens cannot protect themselves and are burdened to wait on law enforcement, the national guard, military or police to arrive, they are no longer in control of their own fate. Whenever these rules are enforced, we’re not being coerced, we’re being bullied into basically taking orders.

The individual continues his story, detailing that now, once the volunteers helping people off the island have been arrested and their boats either impounded or commandeered, there’s no way for them off the island but through the military. After riding a navy war ship, and taking a helicopter to Puerto Rico, the individual was able to find an area with cellphone service to being contacting family and friends.

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