Factions Of Freedom: Hurricane Heroes, Weather Modification & Deep State Civilizations with Billy Carson ⚠️

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We are honored to have Billy Carson of 4BiddenKnowledge on to talk about all of his recent conscious entrepreneurial efforts. From helping folks in Florida get food to bypassing government and directly supplying people with supplies, Mr. Carson is definitely joining others among the ranks of being a Hurricane Hero.

With all the immediate shock surrounding these tragic events, I think a lot of people were initially hesistant with donating money to organizations like FEMA and RedCross simply because of the controversies surrounding them, and in the void of this desperate call for help, people like Billy Carson have been there.

While delving into all of his recent works, even the writing of his new book, we also tackle some of the deeper ramifications with this new set of problems. Questions like: What comes after weather modification? Are we seeing martial law in Puerto Rico? Who or where are the supplies going to?

We're looking at the End Game plan unfold. Are the elites geoengineering the planet so they can remove themsleves from it, and if they are, what does that mean for Humanity here? It seems as things progress we are indeed seeing the rise of this breakaway civilization.

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