Factions Of Freedom: Mind Control, Staged Shootings & Media Manipulations ⚠️

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Did you know Hillary Clinton had 301 emails released recently by the State Department? We’ll, half of America doesn’t know either because of a massive shooting that took place in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

Over 50 people have died with well over 500 being injured. The line to donate blood is almost 6 hours long and hundreds of people have tried to show their support and solidarity with the victims.

This isn’t a simple cut-and-dry event though. There are numerous curiosities surrounding this situation that we take a look at in this episode. The bungling of information with the mainstream media, conflicting reports and even conflicting affiliations are swirling around this incident.

The main suspect, Stephen Paddock, has been neutralized and even that is a mystery. Was he killed or found dead? This and many more mysteries are discussed in this minicast.

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