Holographic Universe: Declassified CIA Document Reveals Study Into The True Nature of Our Universe

A previously classified document written back in 1984 by a Wayne M. Mcdonnell of US Army Intelligence has appeared in full, unredacted form on the CIA’s website.


The fully declassified article has raised some questions because of its highly unusual subject matter. The document is a full and in-depth summary of the CIA’s investigations into what is often termed as the astral plane.




The astral plane is believed to be an area beyond the material world which can be accessed by the soul or the spirit of a human being. Some religions believe that the astral plane can only be accessed after the death of the physical body whereas others believe it is possible to reach this dimension during life.

It is most commonly associated with certain Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Jainism and is central to the Buddhist faith and the concept of nirvana. In more recent times, the concept of the astral plane has seen a surge of popularity in the West as well as in Asia with the growth of the New Age movement.

While many people dismiss the astral plane as little more than a mind-altering experience which can be thoroughly explained by science, it appears that the CIA did not hold the same view. In the recently released document, it is explained that investigations had discovered that the astral plane was certainly not a myth. The document also refers to a concept called ‘The Absolute’ which permeates throughout every moment in time and space in every single dimension. The Absolute is described as being both omnipresent and omnipotent in the document.

Those who worked on the project stated their desire to investigate the concept of the astral plane in a lot more detail in the future. However, it appears that interest in the project either dried up at the upper levels of command or that the later investigations into the extraordinary phenomenon were classified at a much higher level of secrecy in the future. At this current time, the CIA is not being forthcoming with any further information as to the agency’s investigation of the astral plane.

Naturally, this has raised suspicions that the government has gained an in-depth understanding of the concept and is perhaps using it without the knowledge of the general public.

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    greg scherzinger (Saturday, 23 February 2019 09:46)

    in my own research of the astral plane, on a few occasions I became aware of a dimension that was absolutely black and seemingly endless. negative energy that drained any positive power almost instantly. beings there that sought after any positive energy's. I wonder if they did too as the reason they quit the research.

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    Diane (Saturday, 23 February 2019 10:17)

    Endless blackness is the creation point. You have to have realized your creator power inorder to create from there. All others are drained as a "safety" mechanism.

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    Laurent Caris (Sunday, 24 February 2019 04:51)

    We recognize first what lies closest to our common experiences. We recognize the material helix planes of the DNA expressions of life forms as the mirror of ourselves. So first we see space, time, past, future.. In meditative state we can go beyond as unified consciousness becomes more and more timeless and spaceless, the stilness stops us from acting in the material plane and we experience the creating force that preceeds our fysical life. So entering other dimensions also nullifies the possibility f.e. for the CIA from forcing ego or human desires upon creation as a whole. Ego stays limited in the material plane. Beyond this plane, all that is not in line with the great creating force will be absorbed, like all profecies tell the tale that to become eternal we must aline with the whole, or we will be destroyed. The egyptian Anubis wheighs the heart after dieing to tell if someone lived rightious, from the heart or not. The endless darkness, the feminin source, is the ocean within the heart from where only what is in line with the seed of divine consciousness can arise and become Reality, not temporarily but eternal, as the eternal aspect of all creation is called Nirvana, Shambala... The holographic point of view only describes the ever changeing aspect of reality (time-space dimensions), not the eternal plane from which it arises. Because there can be no words to describe that what lies beyond the unevitable duality of thoughts and words...

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    Wes Johnson (Sunday, 24 February 2019 15:25)

    I agree!! and began this model in 1980: