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Whether people realize it or not, we're seeing the slow development of a genetically modified future.

We're seeing what happens when these Technocrats believe they're superior to God and creation simply by tampering with the genetic code. This, on the surface, seems advantageous to humanity, but as this science develops, one has to wonder what exactly they'll be editing.

Will they edit consciousness? The idea is to remove genetic defects with an attempt to eradicate diseases, but how far will defects and disease take us? How long until they remove all that makes us human?

This is the very same tactic used in relation to vaccines and look at how many problems that wonder of medical science has caused. Will this create epigenetic diseases or is this cover for a stealthy eugenics program? Either way you slice it, humanity is being tested by these Technocrats.

Chinese Scientists Creating Life:

Chemical Surgery On Embryos:

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