Factions Of Freedom: Embedding The Technocracy ⚠️

The Technocrats of Silicon Valley are working in overdrive to create an omnipresent, ever-conscious, artificially intelligent system, only in an attempt to play God.

How would this system operate if technology only mimics that of Human nature? They have to create technology and tools to emulate and then manipulate human behavior. Using things like ELF Towers, GWEN Towers & Cell Phone Towers, our behavior becomes a science experiment to these Technocrats.

This Technocracy, the scientific dictatorship they're working so diligently to create isn't meant to empower humanity, it's meant to  create the ultimate domesticated creature. The techniques used by this system are for enslavement, not enlightenment.

You already have the military investing and deploying technologies that would make Skynet look tamed. This is a system where Humanity has been reduced down to numbers, code and problems to be solved.

Military Skynet:

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