Factions Of Freedom: The Ritual Sacrifice for The 2nd Amendment

In this minicast, we broke down a number of curiosities surrounding the recent shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Why isn’t the mainstream media recognizing the fact that there are multiple shooters, and possibly even multiple teams involved in this shooting. Not only have reports come out about another attack at Aria, but also at Caesars Palace.

On top of all that, we’ve also begun to question whether the body of Stephen Paddock we’ve been shown is even real. Could we be seeing fake bodies? Who are the other shooters, and why would someone leave that many guns scattered around a room?

This whole story stinks to high heaven and we’re tracking it as it develops, but we can’t be too focused on this distraction for too long. If this staged shooting seems like a massacre, we can only wonder what they have planned in the future. Evidence has come out linking Stephen with federal agencies and an unusual amount of money and connections.

As we’ve said before, this isn’t about one shooter, it’s about the multiple teams, multiple shooters, the politicization of gun violence and even an attempt at condemning the second amendment. Why would, as MSM calls it “the deadliest mass shooting in history” take place at the Harvest Site, on Route 91, on 10/1/2/17 across from a giant pyramid and obelisk? There are too many red flags with this false flag.

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