Factions Of Freedom: The Las Vegas Shooting, The Days of Noah & Prophetic America with David of @EndTime.Signs ⚠️

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Continuing the trend of having awesome guests on the show, we have on David of @EndTime.Signs on to talk about all things wild and crazy.

Going over all of the curiosities surrounding The Las Vegas Shooting, we try to break down some of the lies mainstream media puts out. We also look at the multiple shooter, multiple teams theory and even some of the Illuminati numerology, occult symbolism and so much more.

All the while, as we're trying to wrap our heads around this ever increasing debacle of a botched story, we try to understand the importance of the biblical days of Noah. How are we living them today? The violence is merely one thread.

We're looking at giants, prophecy, genetic modification, false flags, destabilization, the coming wars on the horizon and so much more, so join us in this information packed episode!

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