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I was a guest on the Spoon Of Consciousness show with Sachin talking about the concept of Building The Matrix.

Is it possible to digitize destiny or even control the awakening process? Social media's intention is to engage us in distractions, yet whenever people who consciously use these tools to raise awareness, entertain and educate, reveals deeper insights about people. We're in a time of immense change, and those who have provided us with these tools to distract ourselves are well aware of what that means.

With all of these unnatural disasters taking place and the slow crawl to solutions, we're able to witness the true intentions of our adversaries: It's easier to control millions rather than kill them off. This is exactly what we're seeing today, with these modified weather anomalies like California's wildfires and hurricanes Harvey, Maria, Irma, Jose & Ophelia.

We tackle not only the purpose of social media, ourselves and this coming awakening or paradigm shift in this episode, while also taking hard looks into what Humanity is truly going through.

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