Factions Of Freedom: Exposing Hollywicked's Occult Pedophilia⚠️

We've touched on the wickedness that is Hollywood and their organized pedophilia throughout the entirety of the show, however these new revelations only confirm the depravity practiced amongst those soulless mummies. The sexualization of children is merely one aspect of the things which Hollywood takes part in. The developments with Harvey Weinstein and even Corey Feldman's relentless stance towards the organized pedophilia are confirmations of an even darker reality.

These people practice Satanic Ritual Abuse. The hyper-sexualization of children is how organizations like Disney make their living, providing a disturbing cover for a horrible underbelly, yet it doesn't stop there. They ritualistically molest, sodomize and at times, even kill children during these Satanically inspired events. Why else would something so wicked be prevalent?

Child sex trafficking, human trafficking and even child sexual abuse are rampant within the Western culture and it's because of things like Hollywood and Disney, and now even Liberal Media which promotes this type of depravity. This isn't modern or trendy, this is something which has been festering on the underbelly of society and now it's being shown for what it truly is.

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