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Saudi Arabia has been making waves in the news. They recently announced their plans for the creation of their upcoming expansion: A city fully reliant upon renewable energies and advanced technologies.

Seems like a monumental move right? Well, to top that, they've also granted citizenship to a robot. Sophia, a robot created by Hanson Robotics, has become the first of its kind. Strangely enough, Europe earlier this year declared that it would start registering "Electronic Persons". That's right, we're creating new forms of "life" and giving them rights which the already existing species doesn't have.

As we move forward into this New World Order, we'll begin to see more of these kinds of strange developments. AI is only one aspect of this entire scenario, and granting citizenship and rights to what can only be described as a tool becomes a slippery slope. The future is dependent upon the ignorant human and the disenfranchised man.

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