Factions Of Freedom: Foresteps Into The Fray ⚠️

Did you know Freemasons celebrated their organization being 300 years old? All of 2016 we talked about Anno Lucis; The Year of Light, and the following year, look at what's happening: These people are trying to restructure the world.

Bit-by-bit, different parts of their all encompassing agenda is being enacted. We look at Albert Pike's letter from the 1800's talking about what we're living today and the preemptive moves their making to move us to World War 3. On top of that, we look at how they're radicalizing civilians and turning them into assets for one of these domestic agendas.

While trying to make sense of all the chaos we see, after the fall out of it all, we delve into things like Congress trying to combat Climate Change, COP23, The Vatican, Vision 2030 & Agenda 2030 and so much more. It's hard to keep track of all the things unfolding, but I try to put it together for you!

Vatican Agenda 21:

Albert Pike's Letter:

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