Factions Of Freedom: Terraforming Earth: INCURSION ⚠️

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Terraforming Earth Series:

If they can engineer the environment, they can engineer us. The Terraforming Earth series is self explanatory, to illustrate how indeed, either through nefarious means by wicked people, or some hostile extra dimensional force is guiding a multi-level assault against humanity.

As insurmountable as this may sound, it should only affirm that indeed we are the arbiters of our own future. We can submit to this seemingly overwhelming force or rise to the occasion and conquer the obstacles set in front of us.

In this installment of the series we take a look at things like Sophia, the robot recently granted citizenship, wanting kids and how that's code for Terminators, while on the opposite side, we're seeing NBC come out and begin to debate the ethics and morals of humans procreating, as well as the post-weather modification reality, and how all of these things, and more, are connected.

If you haven't watched our Terraforming Earth series, I highly suggest you do, because this isn't one of our simple episodes.

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