'Tis The Season...For False Flags! The Elites Need To Control Bitcoin

via SHTF Plan

You may think it’s the fall season, but its actually false flag season in the United States. And humans have proven themselves very easy to manipulate with these staged events.

Mike Adams of Natural News put out a new video, in which he declares it to be “false flag season.” And he says the big one could be right around the corner. “What kinds of agendas do the powers that be want to achieve?” Adams asks. “Now, under the Obama Administration, there were always mass shooting false flags.”

With all of the known false flags (like Fast and Furious, Barack Obama and Eric Holder’s gun-running scheme) you have to wonder what’s coming next.  Adams suggests looking at what the globalists and elitists want or need to happen in the United States in order to push an agenda. Adams says that Bitcoin has become a thorn in the government’s side, and they will need a major terror attack funded by the cryptocurrency, so look for that in the near future.  Once the false flag terror attack funded by Bitcoin happens, the government can blame the cryptocurrency and funnel it all into a regulated system that they can tax and regulate making it no longer anonymous or decentralized.

Adams also has a theory on North Korea. “Suppose the government wanted to attack North Korea,” he says. “Couldn’t they just fake like North Korea launched a missile that destroyed…let’s say detonated 5 miles west of the major port in Long Beach; the Long Beach Port in California. Couldn’t the government just set off its own bomb out there and say ‘Kim Jong-Un did it;’ and then use that as a justification to attack North Korea?”

Just keep your eyes open.  False flags can take many different forms and the government continues to use them to manipulate the minds of the public and have them accept less freedom in exchange for more security.  It all seems like this Hollywood movie, but unfortunately for us, its real life – and the elites are gambling with our freedom to expand a totalitarian state.

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