Australian Parents Who Don’t Vaccinate Write Letters Detailing Discrimination

via Paul Webber of New American News

Australia’s ‘no jab, no pay,’ has taken a toll on parents who remain active in their decision not to vaccinate. The Government’s new policy which withholds government finances from parents who choose not to vaccinate their children has smoked out a lot of parents who have, out of desperation, turned to vaccinating their kids. The climate in Australia is one of the worst in the world when it comes to parental liberty and choice. And the situation is only becoming worsened.

Many parents are continuing to fight even in the face of job loss and forced homeschooling scenarios. Many lose any income which is associated with the government. Many are barely surviving. They are the educated, and they are the single mothers. But now they are the broken and damaged, hoping to press on and win what has become a long, arduous war against the state.

Here are some of the sadder tales coming out of the country. They were written into the Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network.

I am an educated, degree-holding valuable member of my community with circles of influence in the community and a career. I find it ironic that I might now be forced onto unemployment benefits and my children, whom I am training to also be valuable members of our society, are going to be denied quality education and wonderful opportunities in life.


I am a single mother living in Brisbane and the No Jab No Pay Policy will have a devastating effect on us.  I will no longer be able to afford to work full time and won’t be able to survive on part time hours only.  I am very depressed and basically we will be living hand to mouth.  I have no friends who are pro choice and I am too scared to tell anyone my stance on Vaccines.


I can no longer afford After School Care for my two sons. I am a single parent and I would like to be more productive at work in order to obtain a permanent position. Leaving work after school to quickly collect my children denies me access to work meetings, training and development and tertiary study. I will not, however risk my boys who are currently very healthy to vaccines I think are defeating the purpose of keeping us all healthy -instead we are sicker than ever with diseases more prevalent today than 50 years ago.44

The list of sad tales goes on. You can continue to read them all at AVN.org.

Many of us have to realize that we live in a new frontier. Liberty, a once cherished natural right, is under attack. That attack isn’t coming just via world governments, but also from the people themselves. As more and more people are convinced of notions such as ‘herd immunity,’ more people move to strip away our natural, parental rights. This doesn’t even touch on the entrails of terrorism policies which move to strip us of our personal privacy, such as protecting our phones from government intrusions. The times have changed. These stories quoted above are only the beginning of what is to come. But all is not lost. There are still those among us fighting for freedom. In the end, I believe we can prevail.


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