Factions Of Freedom: The Spiritual Sensitivity of Families ⚠️

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Part 1: Living Prophecy, Spiritual Relationships & Society's Lost Soul with @Wh0sZach of UCFitness⚠️

In this epic conclusion of the two part episode with Zach, we're joined by his family member and fellow experiencer Steph Freeman.

From paranormal encounters with unknown entities, to strange universal synchronicity, this feature length episode has it all. How does one define the awakening process? Are all of these things really paranormal or are they hyper-real? We now live in a world that has been systematically separated from its origins and its deeper nature.

As this is Steph's first time on the show, we hear from his mouth of some of the strange things he's encountered. From his undisclosed location (he's friendly with Amish people, I'll tell you that much) we hear about tales of strange sounds, weird howls and possibly even multiple entities of different kinds. What exactly is happening, though, one would have to ask? Have these spirits been with us this whole time or are we just now aware of their existence?

Even so, we delve deeper into the true innerstanding of implications such as this. From describing what we consider "space" to what we're inhabiting, this episode tackles that and much more! We'll definitely be having them back on to discuss a wide variety of other topics, some of which we already have in the works!

Stay tuned.

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