Disney Producer Slammed With Latest Misconduct Accusations

via The Daily Caller

A top Disney producer was slammed with the latest sexual misconduct allegations, according to a report Wednesday.

Tom Schumacher, 60, the producer of “The Lion King” and “Frozen musicals,” was accused of creating an uncomfortable work environment. Employees allege he directed explicit sexual language toward them, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Witnesses claimed that Schumacher allegedly commented on his colleagues’ attractiveness, discussed pornography, and walked around his office in just a bathrobe. When confronted with the issues Schumacher, who is gay, claimed that if he was heterosexual he would not face the same contempt from colleagues.

Former Disney employee Bruce Williams also claims that Schumacher made “salacious and inappropriate comments” back in the 1990s. A Disney spokesperson says there is no record of his complaint.

The producer has “at times acknowledged using inappropriate language, expressed regret, and committed to being more mindful and adhering to company policies going forward,” a person close to him told the Journal. However, the person said Schumacher also denied the conduct specifically described in the story,” said an unnamed person with a close relationship to Schumacher.


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