Factions Of Freedom: Sacrificial Shootings, Society’s Disposition & The Elites Plan ⚠️

Previous Episode: Manufacturing Ignorance, The Parkland Shooting & The Police State

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So, last week, we had our video portion of our podcast taken down. We appealed. They kept the strikes on the page. It may have been because of the gun shots, or the fact that we discussed the Parkland Shooting in Florida, or we didn't say what was required of us to fit a narrative.

This week we're here to clarify that sentiment only with more questions and analysis. I've termed these types of false flags, which do actually claim lives Sacrificial Shootings, because of their ritualistic usage by the mainstream media in an attempt to push an agenda. This is the problem we see ourselves in: they don't want a dissenting opinion - They are the arbiters of truth, and we, the mindless masses.

That's the elites whole goal: To control and manipulate that which we think. They don't want us to truly come together and challenge their narratives, agendas and beliefs. They believe we are unable to govern ourselves and that they, the state, the Illuminati, the world government, Deep State - whomever they may be - have the right to rule over us.

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