Factions Of Freedom: Stand For Your Lives ⚠️

Here’s a short rundown on the things I went over:

• Paid For Protestors Ripping Up The Constitution
• No Gun Control Marches for The Dakota Access Pipeline
• No Gun Control Marches for Police Brutality & Killer Cops
• Indoctrinated Communism
• Adolf Hitler, 1933: “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to posses firearms.”
• America, 1950: Schools having Gun Clubs, Shooting Ranges & Social Acceptance Of Guns
• Communist China, 1966: Chairman Mao Zedong using children and state controlled media to promote a “Cultural Revolution”
• Children, who cannot own guns or vote (I don’t believe in the two Party system, it’s two wolves trying to decide how to eat sheep), telling us how to live.
• Disarming the public, effectively making us slaves to the authority.
• 2nd Amendment being written when we were 3/5 of a person, yet Harriet Tubman used guns to free the slaves AKA The Underground Railroad
• Comparing Trump to Hitler, who also wanted the guns.
• Asking “When did The State become God?” And so much more. Forgive my profanity, I was a little upset.

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