Factions Of Freedom: Mind Harvesting, The Future World Order & Occult Pedophilia ⚠️

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Each week we're slouching towards an irreversible future, and with each week, comes it's own set of hurdles and challenges, new distractions and parts of agendas unfolding. I'm sure in the future we'll think we sound foolish, but that's because our normal will have been so radically altered that we will have been conditioned to what could only be considered insanity today.

The future we're moving into is one where our senses, you know, sight, sound, touch, taste and so forth, can be manipulated simply with photons, with light. As if that weren't enough, businesses like Facebook and Elon Musk's Neuralink want access to your consciousness, but don't worry, Will Wright, the creator of the Sim's games, wants your memories. Our reality is slowly being hacked as we passively witness a world beyond our wildest nightmares.

All the while, as this freaky future is being fabricated, we have people worry about celebrities, the jokers and puppets, dressing in their finest garbs trying to mask their grotesque souls. We forget that the very people paraded to the public are meant pacify, not inspire. Cripple, not strengthen. Control, not liberate. Yet time and time again, we literally look for reasons to abdicate our power. When will we wake up?

Palantir & The CIA

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