Factions Of Freedom: Daze of Distractions, Big Pharma’s Havok & Celebrity Worship ⚠️

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Season 6 is getting close to being finished, are you ready? From censorship to internet attacks, to corrupted episodes, we've definitely gone through the gauntlet this season; our mettle has been tested and this episode stacks up with the rest of them. We're not slowing down!

The days we're living in have us stuck in a daze. It's as if mainstream media's effect on the populace has subsided temporarily, only to take shape as more celebrities coming out with outlandish statements. If it's not Kanye speaking on slavery, it's Childish Gambino drawing attention to police brutality, and now, we can add Roseanne Bar to the mix thanks to the drug-fueled impact of Ambien. When are we going to get tired of hearing from these celebirities?

As the war drums beat in the background and a technocratic government slowly becomes built, we're busy bickering about the presumed colors of our skin and the irrational statements made by pseudo-important figureheads. People wonder why we can't move forward, or how we got stuck in this position, all they need to do is look at history and see how it repeats itself.

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