MiniCast: Evil Evolving, The Rise of Righteousness & Operational Updates ⚠️

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Within the past two weeks, I've been subjected to a number of random events that have helped me achieve a form of insight that I wouldn't normally achieve unless being acted upon by some greater force. Prior to taking this unexpected break, we were discussing things like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal, and even the ongoing media manipulation and its detrimental effects upon humanity, and in my time of being absent, nothing has changed.

In this impromptu transmission, you'll hear me discuss not only things like the funeral, other people's deaths, my move, family revelations and clearly operational developments that we are undergoing. It's important to note that during this time frame, I had the honor of speaking with a number of influential people about my work, future collaborations and essentially reaffirming my commitment to this project, movement and more.

What we're witnessing across the board, as we've documented with our Occult World series and in previous podcast episodes, is the evolution of evil. Politics is downwind from culture, and if we only focus on things through these lenses, then truly we are only experiencing a sliver of our potentiality. It's quite easy to get caught in the minutia of the back-and-forth, but resolutions and resolves must be met, yet with today's current political climate, effective and appropriate solutions are hardly met.

As we move forward in this increasingly confusing time, it's imperative that we balance ourselves, not only internally, but externally with our actions, minds and hearts. I look forward to being back in the saddle!

My Trip To South Carolina [Read, Watch, Listen]

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