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We're flying solo on this edition of Fellowship & Freedom. Some might say that's a bad thing, given the intensity of how this episode turned out, while others might say the approach of the occasional, unhinged rant is necessary. It's been a trying past few weeks for your host, and you'll hear your fair share of why within this edition, and how it pertains to many of the things we've discussed.

This isn't your typical news-filled broadcast where we correlate news to agendas, or try to decipher what ever we we're being deceived on at the time. This was a broadcast directed towards people who have suffered, and are currently suffering, under forms of oppression and confusion, insecurity and more. While our approach to looking at a select few topics, things like drug abuse, being so woke we forget reality, escapism and gradual societal inculcation, may seem a little rough and ragged, it's because of the compassion carried in the message.

In a day-and-age where we want instant gratification, people are growing up online and completely ignoring reality. We have a society which continuously pushes a godless, atheistic, corporeal, morally ambiguous world - How are people supposed to find themselves? Government cannot, and will never, regulate society into paradise, this is a place in which each individual must find. People are increasingly turning to drugs, pharmaceuticals, barbiturates and more to disassociate from the cruelty of reality, among other issues, all under the guise of being healthy, productive member of society.

We must realize that there is more to the Human experience, and that this world now, actively seeks to condemn that which makes humanity have that spark of divinity. Ignoring that which makes us human, forces us to become animals, or even worse, slaves for some unknown goal.

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