MiniCast: The Duality, Developing Extrasensory Perceptions & Otherworldly Awareness [Part 1-3] ⚠️

Previous MiniCast: Evil Evolving, The Rise of Righteousness & Operation Updates

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(1) The Duality of Good & Evil
(2) Developing Extrasensory Perceptions
(3) Otherworldly Awareness

Last week we did a series of minicasts which went over a variety of topics, all of which were in relation to metaphysics, flat earth, cosmic synchronicity and much more. To put it blatantly, it was my first week back from an unexpected two week break, filled with a number of revelations, insights and affirmations that only empowered me when returning. And, what you'll hear in this series of broadcasts is just that, the revelation of what's being divined to me.

Upon returning to 'the work', key influential figures had made radical moves which garnered the attention of the world; Alex Jones returning to Joe Rogan's podcast and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announcing reproduction is bad for the Earth, that procreation is affecting climate change. You cannot make this up. So, while digesting these new developments, bits of various agendas were exposed, which inexplicably tie into many of the things discussed in throughout the span of these transmissions.

"Evil is evolving, and righteousness must rise to meet it." This sentence alone describes the underlying theme, and I think those that have the eyes to see and the ears to listen, understand what I mean. Yes, we truly are in times of immense change, but it is upon us to enact, and work this change into the Earth. There is more than politics discussed throughout these knowledge bombs, I just hope people are able to hear the humanity. If any one of these broadcasts helped you, please, don't hesitate to share them with a friend.


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