Emergency Transmission: Curiosities Surrounding The Christchurch Shooting ⚠️

Last Time On: The Lord of Illusions, Dark Magicians & Occult Pacts with Laurie Alexander of The Underground Resistance Network

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There have been a significant number of outstanding anomalies with this recent shooting at the Christchurch Mosque in New Zealand. We're joined by Laurie Alexander of The Underground Resistance Network to talk about a handful of them. What's even more astounding is this apparent manifesto the shooter has left, it rivals that of Theodore Kaczynski, better known as the Unabomber.

Rantings and ramblings of White Genocide, the birthrates, environmentalism and more filled the 70+ page document, detailing his motives and message. This is exactly what happens when you give radicalized and intelligent people attention, they're calculated and manipulative in their execution. While Laurie begins to detail some of the self-described Eco-Facist's ties to Nazi's Black Sun, we begin to get a larger understanding of why this attack was allowed to receive the coverage it did.

Strangely enough, we go the entire transmission not mentioning the terrorists name, because that's what they want; recognition. Attacks such as these aren't carried out by one person, I think that's something that needs to be highlighted, and recent information has come out about the possibility of two shooters and multiple IED (improvised explosive devices) being attached to cars. This coordinated attack was designed to inflict massive domestic damage, as well as political change.

These types of people, whether they be victims of MK Ultra or even genuine people who've become radicalized, are part of this accelerationist movement we see taking place. People have begun to lose faith, not only in politics, but society, religion and any other means that guides humanity, and because of this, they push for a societal collapse. This controlled collapse of society has a name as well, it's the socioeconomic reformation that must take place to introduce the fourth-industrial revolution AKA the technocracy.

Politicians like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the bought and paid for politician, is the mouthpiece for this type of blind ignorance, disguised as ambition. We are in a truly interesting point in our history. With our guest, Laurie Alexander, we tackle this topic and other things surrounding these anomalies. Strap yourselves in because we get right back to it!

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