SN806: Sovereignty Crackdowns, The Calls For Culling & Withstanding Silent Killers ⚠️

Previous Episode: SN805: Organized Activism, Quiet Wars at Home & Liberation Awareness with Justin Harvey of We Are Change Orlando

Part 1 of 4: #19 Occult Government Experiments on The Wayfinder Podcast

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Intro: Further Than It by Mad Zach
Outro: In The Company of Robots by Oscillian

We're back from our trip to Texas where we had the pleasure and honor of working with Adam Nix and JC Abbott of The WayFinder Podcast on a comprehensive breakdown of esoteric and occult knowledge. You'll hear remnants of the flavor of our conversations throughout this broadcast, and it's important because we're beginning to see this resurgence in forbidden information; content that must be hidden from the masses. This episode is a bit of a unique one as we're still adjusting to the breaks between and the news that has surfaced since.

In a separate transmission with The Underground Resistance Network team, we looked at a number of the peculiarities surrounding this recent shooting in New Zealand. Following up on the story, we cover the fallout of such a tragic event and what it's done to a nation and the world, essentially over night. This wave of almost senseless violence seems endless, yet we know it's only the beginning.

The fear mongering surrounding climate change, population control, scarcity and so much more have reached epic proportions, to the point of where we're paradoxically entering a phase of global extinction. It would take more than the time we have now to explain the depths of the mental gymnastics we're being forced to jump through, but all it would ultimately end in, is discussing the United Nations Agenda 21/2030; Strangely enough, the accelerationist, Eco-fascist murderer of New Zealand had the same ideology.

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