SN807: Free Speech Flops, Medical Martial Law & Techno-Environmentalism ⚠️

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Intro: Demons by Crest Of The Syndicate
Outro: Need Input by Oscillian

For two years the American people have been deceived by mainstream media. People have lost friendships, families have been fractured and our country nearly brought to the brink of war, all due to the, now flopped, Russian collusion hoax. Yet, people already understood that this massive conspiracy was just that, a conspiracy among the highest levels of government, colluding with a run away media aimed at literally disrupting the country.

Now that this massive injustice has been brought to the surface for what it is, a charade, we're faced with another seemingly insurmountable obstacle; mandatory vaccines. As quickly as the Russian collusion story came into existence, we're now faced with an even more immediate threat that will, no doubt, invite hostile conversations into ones life. Truly, we are living in a time of great upheaval, confusion and distrust, all of which needs to be met with a finely toothed comb of discernment. In a time where people are led by their manufactured emotions, having discernment and patience is beyond a virtue, it's nearly life saving.

Technocrats are sprouting up all over America, and indeed the world, all with the subversive goal to overturn countries with the intention of having them submit themselves to a global governance agenda. Pockets of this globalist agenda are surfacing everywhere, and it all leads back to understanding what the one-world government agenda is; The United Nation's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We truly are in the days of politically correct population control, and if we're caught politicking with the devil, we deserve to be in his grips.

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Triggering America never felt so good... To the globalists!
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