SN808: The Battle on Biology, Gearing for Civil Unrest & Detecting Deception ⚠️

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Fellowship & Freedom with Brad Burris of Crush The Opposition

Intro: Heat by Francci
Outro: Digital Road by Violation Drive

In this ruthlessly truthful episode, we confront some hard truths and the dangers of practicing escapism and ignorance. It's very rare that we speak on the problems within the Black community of America, but with the death of Grammy Nominee Nipsey Hussle, we're able to look at the state of my people, and why it's important to reclaim our health. It's apparent, with the measles outbreaks in New York, and Arizona's responses to unvaccinated children, why our health has become essential. These are ripples of the issues we face presently.

Key global powers, like Russia and China, have found themselves contributing true humanitarian aid and supplies in the form of medicine to the people of Venezuela, but now, we're seeing what could eventually lead up to a conflict of some kind. As these global tensions are mounting, we're being hit with under-reported numbers of migrant waves on our southern border. We're having to ask hard questions in this edition, and it's not by my own choosing.

As tensions begin to mount in what feels like a unilateral, 360 degree angle, we have to remember, cooler heads will prevail. It feels like we're in the eye of the storm, and if we're unable to keep our resolve, we're going to snap under the pressure. This episode isn't one for the lighthearted, but if you're with me, I got you.

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