SN809: The Most Dangerous Religion, Mass Human Experimentation & Transmuting Reality ⚠️

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Part 2 of 4: #19 Codex Psychedelica on The Wayfinder Podcast

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Intro: The Price of Everything and The Value of Nothing by XLR8R
Outro: Dark All Day (feat. Tim Cappello & Indiana) by GUNSHIP

Carey Wedler's The Most Dangerous Religion [Watch]

In this cleverly compiled episode, we cover the new religion we see forming around us. One complete with it's own adversary, agents, priests and message; You're bad, let us change you. Throughout history, many religions have surfaced but, the one we see emerging today has encompassed even religions itself; Statism. The future has no need for your beliefs, only your unwilling commitment to the state and whatever recently concocted agenda is next.

You see, a perfect example of such a religions new gospel is that of the vaccine. If we accept modern medicine, unknown experts, authorities and scientists who have an idea of our body composition, they will deliver the panaceas we need to cure our reprehensible bodies. Insert vaccines, cross-sex hormones and other abnormal substances for alteration, and you have your answer.

With all the heavy news of this week. Nipsey Hussle's funeral, the arrest of Julian Assange, the developments on our border and so much more, we try to close out this episode with the idea, again, of keeping a level and cool head. Practicing the concept of mindfulness isn't something that's said, it's done. While looking at these topics and understanding their reality, we have to understand the other levels that we're capable of operating at, and how that is where our true solutions remain.

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