Crush The Opposition: Freedoms Under Fire, The U.N. Migration Pact & Internal Insurrections ⚠️

Previous Episode: Delusional Authoritarians, Cultural Castration & Gender-Realism with Brad Burris of Crush The Opposition

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I was a guest on this special transmission with Brad and Tony of the Crush The Opposition podcast. Recently, we had Brad Burris on Fellowship & Freedom to talk about the cultural castration our country is undergoing, and why it is essential for humanity to reclaim its independence, but also for Americans to reclaim their identities. Following up with that same thought pattern, I joined Brad and Tony, in studio, to talk about a whole host of issues, ranging from Julian Assange to the societal indoctrination we’re all undergoing.

Many of our standard transmissions are a little forceful and intense, and you won’t get that with this one. In fact, in this episode, you’ll hear three rational minded individuals approach the increasingly authoritarian steps our country is taking, and the populations inability to grasp how dire that is. We are in a time of irrational fear, hysteria, confusion and intentional misdirection; These are the new dark ages, and if we aren’t able to focus and find discernment, we will be caught up in the chaos.

We had the honor of being episode #12 for Brad and Tony, and the fact that they are a local, means that you can expect more collaborations and even harder hitting discussions! In times like these, it’s always refreshing to find fellow brothers-in-arms and people that understand what’s happening, and are actively fighting against it. This won’t be like our normal roller coaster rides of an episode, instead, you’ll catch occasional jokes about The Sopranos and how corrupt politicians are! Enjoy!

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