SN810: Lawlessness On The Loose, Medical Tyranny & The Internet of Thoughts ⚠️

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Part 3 of 4: #23 Exploring The Unseen: Secret Science & Techno-Sorcery on The Wayfinder Podcast

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Heliofont's I, Pet Goat II [Watch] [Predictive Programming]

This devastating fire in Paris has caused a shock to the global system, almost as if it were designed to purposely change the narrative about the Yellow Vest protests that took place for several weeks prior. With the world still reeling, people are looking for answers and in doing so, they've chosen radical Islamist as their target. Only time will tell whether this was a deliberate act of destruction, or if this attack was part of a larger coordinated strike, however, for there to be subsequent attacks at mosques and churches all over the world, all within the same week, speaks the volumes I'm unable.

While houses of faith are being target, the next temple is already being assessed; your body. With the recent events that have transpired in New York and Arizona, it sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the country - the violation of someone's own body. What type of society do we live in where children are forcibly being ripped from parents' hands due to disagreements? We analyze this argument and the agenda for compulsory immunizations as well.

Lastly, with increased push of subtle authoritarian views creeping into society, we ask the question of, "Are our thoughts even our own?". MIT Professor Rizwan Virk recently published a book called "The Simulation Hypothesis", and in his work, he tries to illustrate how we are avatars expressing ourselves in the simulation we call reality. If this is the case, who programmed the simulation, and, who are we? We're going all in, and not looking back in this edition.

Freedoms Under Fire, The U.N. Migration Pact & Internal Insurrections with Brad Burris of Crush The Opposition [Watch|Listen]

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