Fellowship & Freedom: Embracing The Shift, Suppressed Technologies & Multi-Dimensional Playgrounds ⚠️

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We are joined by Rob of Truth And Vibration to talk about a whole host of, not only issues, but the wide variety of solutions at our disposal! Our guest has a decades worth of experience within the tech industry, and after a few moments of quiet reflection and astral projection, he's found himself in the fight for human consciousness. During this period, Rob, like many, tried a number of esoteric practices to help reveal a path in his life, one of which has lead him here to talk about the depths of the dangers of things like 5G and more!

Like many, our guest went from being a passive observer to an active participant and that journey is always beautiful to hear, but what's even more amazing to comprehend, is how much farther we have to go. Our trajectories are being guided and manipulated; We have the technologies and capacity to manifest more, but with our current operating capabilities are limiting us, and there for the work that must be done. The path to spirituality is unknown in the western world, and that's why conversations like these remind us that importance of intention behind using these tools.

Some will tell you that we're moving into the age of Aquarius, a time where the spirit of God is poured out from the heavens onto the Earth, and if that were indeed the case, what would it look like? We constantly speak on working that creative energy, producing things of value for this renaissance, could this be where we are now? Strap yourselves in for a power packed transmission and find out!

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