SN812: Global Destabilization, Urban Warfare & Opening The Doorways ⚠️

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It's beginning to look a lot like the Summer of Rage, 2019 around here. The entire world seems like it's becoming gradually engulfed by the growing instability of nations and the skepticism of it's denizens. From Paris, to Venezuela, to China and Russia, and now even here, domestically in America, we're all seeing the birth pangs of a coming uncomfortable conflict.

With the recent efforts of regime change taking place in Venezuela, Americans have been emboldened to take precautionary steps of there own. Hillary Clinton, at the time of recording this episode, went on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow to parrot Donald Trump's sentiments to Julian Assange, asking the Chinese to hack his tax returns. Now, that may seem inconsequential, but just as that subtle development took place, hours after, Louis Farrakhan, Alex Jones and many more were de-platformed from FedBook and Instagram. Coincidence? We doubt it.

This episode is filled with tea leaves for those who can read the writing on the wall, and it weighs on my heart even writing this to you, the reader, because it alludes towards an even more uncertain future. While all these major geopolitical developments are happening, many Americans find themselves at war with themselves, disassociated, distracted and drugged due to our lackadaisical approach towards life. What could the future bring for a population of people who have become their own worst enemies? Truly, these are the times that history will look back on with awe.

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It's the summer of rage!
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