SN813: Designating Undesirables, Health Hysteria & Sustaining Humanity ⚠️

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Intro: Mission by DWAM
Outro: Unseen by DaRealEnt

Facebook, after banning certain individuals such as Alex Jones, Louis Farrakhan, and more, as well as consistently trying to de-platform organizations like The Free Thought Project, The Anti-Media & We Are Change, is obviously, and increasingly, become the vestigial arm for the government; We're dealing with our own version of 1984's Ministry of Truth. We must always remember that, in a time of universal deceit, truth will be considered hate and that in an empire of lies, the truth is seen as the enemy. Truly, if knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave, then ignorance must be the last nail in our collective coffins.

The mainstream media has been in overdrive since Donald Trump's election back in 2016, and since then, we've seen a radicalization, not only in the news, but with the people consuming it and even those affected by the peripheral implications of such. You've heard me say time and time again, that "I don't think it's that people don't care, I think it's that they don't know how to care, or what to care about.", and whenever everything is a lie or a distorted version of the truth, people tune out. This is where we find ourselves mid-2019, with people consciously choosing to either become radicalized or ignorant.

This most recent shooting at the Highlands Ranch STEM School has captivated America's attention as the students begin to fight back against the propaganda machines ready-made blame campaign; the survivors of the shooting are clamoring to bring attention to the mental health epidemic that has swept the country. With 46% of Americans being on at least one prescribed pharmaceutical, I think the discussion surrounding mental health illness is long overdue. Ironically enough, with this being the resulting focal point of a tragic event, in the same area, Denver, we've seen the decriminalization of magic mushrooms with the intent to treat mental illness arise. Who knows where this roller coaster of a country will take us next week!

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