SN814: Beyond 1984, The Wars At Home & New World Operations ⚠️

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Intro: Occult by BackWhen
Outro: Everlasting Love by The Anix

I won't lie to you, this episode is a bit of a chaotic train wreck. Between trying to compile the chaos of this week, I couldn't help but shake the feeling that this episode wasn't meant to be one that was by-the-books, but instead, it's meant to be an insight into the dystopian reality we find ourselves in. As Season 8 begins to wrap itself up, the amount of work, politically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally that still needs to take place is overwhelming, but maybe that's the revelation in the method; the work discloses intention, and we're unable to learn these things in our present time.

I try to interweave the hysteria of this week into this transmission; speaking on FedBook being broken up, the situation down at our Southern Border as well as the devastating news surrounding Bayer and Monsanto. At times, it seems like the mission is fruitless and meaningless, but thank God for small victories. The type of work we're engaged in isn't for the weak minded nor is it for the feeble, we're in this battle for the long haul.

George Orwell's 1984 turns 70 as all around us, at an alarming rate, we're seeing the establishment of the New World Order, and what makes it even more dangerous, is that it's not America leading the way. The United States of America is the devil that most people know, and unfortunately, like Hillary Clinton, people grow weary of America, and it's influences. This is where China enters the conversation. We're seeing a whole new global economic power step onto the world stage, with its own agenda actively in the works. What this agenda means for America, and the rest of the world, is what we're all so anxiously waiting on.

The Paranormal Perspective Vol. 7 [Listen]

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No more flames for that dragon.
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