SN815: The Nature of Reality, Psychedelic Pseudo-Freedom & Keeping You Imbalanced ⚠️

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We are joined by Josh of @LawsOfReality to talk a number of heady topics and to confront some uncomfortable truths! Episodes like this, where we delve into the dimensions of manifesting that sacred masculine energy to transmute change upon the planet, are what it's all about. Our guest has been a longtime researcher into but not only, the New Age Deception, the War on Drugs, the War on Consciousness, Aldous Huxley and so much more!

The pacification of the population is a very real, and on-going agenda affect masses, and with transmissions such as this, we delve into the depths in which the controlling elite go to have people willingly submit their free will. We must remember that we are living in George Orwell and Aldous Huxley's future, where they intentionally designed systems to remove individuality, choice, and the ability to take responsibility for one's own actions. This literally only scratches the surface of what we were able to cover in this edition.

Our guest calls it The Psychedelic Psy-Op, while I call it Weaponizing Consciousness Expansion, and throughout the entirety of this broadcast, you'll hear us explain, to our current limits, how your consent is being manufactured and how your opinions are being cultivated. The amount of knowledge that is currently available, even at the time of writing this, is overwhelming, but if it's trashy and low quality, then those who consume it, and thus reproduce it themselves are trashy. We're moving into an intellectual dark age that's being sold to humanity as edgy and cool, and if people don't watch out, they'll walk head first into the lions den.

Join myself and Josh as we thrash through the common conceptions of psychedelics and why it's imperative that we take a more serious look at the matter. Who's funding these tests? What's the purpose and what is on the other side of that hallucinogen? Strap yourselves in because this isn't an slow episode, nor will it be the last!

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