Factions Of Freedom: Ancient Civilization, Life Extension & The Future of Free Energy with Billy Carson of 4BiddenKnowledge ⚠️

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In an information packed episode we have Billy Carson of 4BiddenKnowledge back on to talk about the flood of events that have been developing. Initially I had contacted Billy to talk about Donald Trump's new space directive, but before even getting to that topic, we found ourselves delving into so much more. Are we playing catch up with history?

We're seeing the slow release of what we consider advanced technologies, but it's what comes with this gradual progress that is important. We're entering into a whole other phase of human development and it's with these technologies that we'll either make a conscious decision to move forward or be captivated entirely with the devices.

Billy and I tackle some of the deeper issues regarding health, spirituality and much more as we break down our diet and what it has done to our mentality. Could you imagine living to 120 years old? From proper diets to advanced technologies, we go down the rabbit hole and more in this episode.


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