Emergency Transmission: Activist Mother Slaps Facebook with Lawsuit ⚠️

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Christie Scarborough of Corrupt Vaccines joins us for an emergency transmission; She's suing Facebook! In a monumental case, the stay-at-home, activist mother filed the lawsuit on July 13th, 2018 and at this moment in time, there is no other case in history like this. It's no secret that over the past several months users have experienced an increased amount of censorship and user regulation, with hardly any real insight as to the cause.

Could this lawsuit be the first of many to expose Facebook's bias? The lawsuit alleges that Facebook violated her Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech. Scarborough argues that the controversial "Facebook Jail" is unconstitutional censorship. Repeatedly being put into these digital prisons discourages the user and followers in continuing the ongoing relationship, and without proper insight into the cause of the problem, true resolution won't be met.

Attorney, T. Matthew Phillips, explains, "My client has the constitutional right to freely speak, write and publish her sentiments on all subjects." This statement is echoed and explained further in this edition. These platforms promote themselves as free and open marketplaces which allow the exchanging of ideas, however, recently, many people have been seeing how that may not be the case. T. Matthew and Christie Scarborough go into depth explaining the differences between state and federal law, and how California in particularly, can set the precedent for fighting back against the violation of our free speech.

In the first ever lawsuit against Facebook, Scarborough seeks monetary compensation for the violations of her free speech rights, and also seeks a court order forbidding Facebook from deleting hers, and others, posts, and to stop sentencing her to "Facebook Jail". This abrupt transmission should send shock waves through the community as we rally together against the techno-facism that's being created. We have to remember, even when operating on their platforms, that freedom isn't free.

Do Christie and everyone for the future of free speech a favor and donate to her cause!

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