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I do not have the words capable to describe the magnitude of this move...

TheFreeThoughtProject, The Anti-Media, Policing The Police, Cop Block, and many other amazing alternative media organizations have been removed from Facebook. This Thursday evening, in a stunning blow to independent media, Facebook deleted over thousands of pages on its platform. This move comes right after the violent rhetoric that's been ratcheting up on social media.

We have entered an age where you cannot even voice your own opinion without triggering someone or somehow inadvertently offending someone else. This is what happens with a hyper sensitive civilization dependent upon a monolithic culture. We are entering into the mindset of the collective consciousness, a Machiavellian mindset which forgoes the individual for the sake of the masses.

However, now, we're seeing that the masses can easily be manipulated and radicalized for their own disadvantage. We must all realize that these days are very dangerous. The idea of individual freedom, questioning, reason, logic or even heartfelt discussion are being targeted, and it's all of these things which are the corner stone of a free and open society. Do you feel free?

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