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Scientists and technocrats alike are diligently working on harvesting the information from your mind, don't you worry. Regina Dougan, former head of the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has spoken about her hopes for silent speech text technology, which would allow users the ability to communicate, without their mouths. As strange as this notion may sound, it isn't that far off from being a reality.

The infamous Elon Musk of Tesla and Space-X is also working on a brain-to-machine interface device. His hopes behind creating such a device is to try and stave off the effects of powerful A.I. which may dominate humanity, that, by willingly integrating with the technology we'll have a better chance of survival. If Steve Jobs and most of these Silicon Valley elites don't engage with their own products, why would this be any different?

Could we be seeing an attempt at trying to usurp the whole of humanity? Could the famed 'collective consciousness' really be a veiled, cryptic predictive phrase to initiate the public? Would you upload your brain to a cybernetic collective? Some may even say that we already have.

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