Factions Of Freedom: Civil War, Destabilization & Resource: Humans ⚠️

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There's talk of a civil war taking place in America - Many don't even know about it happening or they just choose to openly ignore it. This isn't something new though, and one has to wonder: How'd we get from illegal immigration to civil war? It's because of the scope, range and dimensions at which this war is happening. This isn't merely a physical confrontation.

Simply put: The world is in a paradigm shift. What was once important is now facile and passe. The mindsets and understandings have shifted. They're using displaced and dispositioned migrants and illegals, people in second-class positions, to lower the quality, unilaterally, for every nation. All the while, as nation-states are in the process of changing, a totalitarian elite are in the background.

This newly formed totalitarian government or system will be outside of typical jurisdiction because of it's power over all over nations, governments and systems. It's the same old song and dance: Keep the public distracted and at their throats while those in control siphon off them like vampires. We try to explain this, and more while taking your questions and updating you good folks about the nature of our operations.

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