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We're adding more elements to the content we cover on the show, and helping us debut that feature is a whole new guest, Freddy of @Fr3volution. Recently, I watched the 1976 movie, Logan's Run, and I was honestly floored by some of the subtle nuances that the movie let off. I took to social media to correlate it to current events I.E. the California fires and other environmental issues, and in doing so, discussed a wide variety of movies and agendas with our guest.

As the battle for consciousness rages on, being flooded by fake news, misinformation and more, we have to be fully aware of the dangers this can cause; ignorance is a powerful enemy. While weaving the plot of Logan's Run throughout the discussion, you'll hear Freddy and myself talk about things like escapism, and the programming that's been going on for generations, to the point of where we have this synthetic culture before you now. Clearly from there, we talk about the whole "Stay Woke" phenomena and much more.

We're using these tools of enslavement as tools of enlightenment, and to the elites, that scares them. We're organizing, informing and educating our peers as well as the oncoming generations, and to those who seek totalitarian control, that's dangerous. From the theft of taxes, the paradigm shift and the matrix operating off of our ignorance, strap yourselves in for a power packed edition.

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Show Notes + Movie Notes
Notes on the show and the movie, talk about a double feature.
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