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You know what? MiniCasts like these are important because you won't hear this kind of passion on a typical weekly episode. It is the 4th of July as this is being written. Forced Patriotism is Fascism, and I think everyone can agree that they're not down to be serfs of the state. You can love your country and not your government at the same time. As I just stated, broadcasts like these are important because you're able to understand and hear my own version of Patriotism in action.

The common theme throughout everything we do is distrust in authority, government and those in power behind the scenes. America, as corrupt, wicked and senselessly evil as it is, isn't the problem. It's the forces which have scapegoated us for their nefarious means. This is why, at every level, when you pull back the layers of control, you realize it's another entity controlling the operation. Like parasites, we've been infected. It's almost wild to think about, years ago, that I joked that American culture would come under attack, yet here we are, literally having to define and redefine what principles count as Americana.

What's even more is what comes after. We're in the middle of a tornado of culture change - The hearts and minds of Americans and every other nation/country is being tested right now. This is why you hear me preach renaissance over revolution. Our values are being molded, morals guided and opinions almost manufactured. It was this level of political, mental, emotional and spiritual autonomy that was feared. Humanity was meant to be more, and while America is a shining example of exceptionalism, it's also the most modern example of imperialism.

The country, just as every other, is going through a period of deconstruction; what has worked previously, won't work in the future. This is partly due to the global governance mindset that is being propagated with the help of legacy and mainstream media, as well as the introduction of technology into society. These systems of control and influence are now the governing body of people's hearts, minds and souls. Globalization lowers the standards for everyone, and as we walk headfirst into this perceived paradise, we have to remember what we're leaving behind - One man's paradise is anothers hell.

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