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If you haven't listened to an episode with Charles Kassin of Truth Is Terrorism, before, you definitely should. In this no-holds-bar broadcast, you'll hear an extremely critical analysis of the modern day Vegan movement and how it's critical that we become conscious of our consumption. The distinction between vegetarians and vegans is also discussed; the reality that plants are meant to heal and cleanse us, while animal foods are meant to sustain us and more.

This isn't a new idea though, but it is in alignment with the modern way of thinking; promoting scarcity. It has now become trendy to become a minimalist, and almost edgy to even go out and bash others for their political beliefs, and now, even eating habits. We're witnessing cult-like behavior from a population of people unwilling to think for themselves as they await their most recent social download. It's almost as if an idea, which turned into a movement, became a religion.

As the world becomes intentionally increasingly unstable, society is being conditioned to accept the chaos and uncertainty as a normality, when in fact, this manufactured destabilization was designed - Ordo ab chao; Order from chaos. From the chemtrails, to the GMOs, to the corporate-controlled propaganda spouting mainstream media, we're witnessing a subtle, unilateral approach towards engineering the minds of man.

We're witnessing cultural suicide and being offered a synthetic version of reality as an acceptable alternative. Broadcasts like these are meant to reinvigorate the humanity lying dormant within you, the reader. The technocracy being erected in front of us wants to be void of humanity and spirituality, our flesh and our souls, and if we continue to play these mind games, the controlling elite will control them all.

Denaturalize Heterosexuality & Disdain Nature [EndTimes Headlines]

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