Factions Of Freedom: Domestic Dervishes, Technocratic Conditioning & Resource Wars⚠️

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We're back from our quick trip to Seattle, and it seems like within that week we've seen an unprecedented attack against free speech as more censorship revelations take place across social media. Speaking of transportation, the TSA has come out to confirm and advocate the need to survey citizens on, and off, planes. Even with all this surveillance on American citizens, police were barely able to apprehend a domestic terrorist out in the deserts of New Mexico.

One has to wonder what all this surveillance is for if there's no action behind it. Could it be the conditioning? People who are aware of the influential ramifications of pervasive tracking, I.E. Google or, do people really not care about what happens and the depths of their actions? This negligence is probably what prompted the technocrats of Amazon, Alphabet & Microsoft to take part in managing and monitoring information of millions - This comes of course, after 23AndMe merged with Glaxo Kline Smith.

Not only do we analyze health and the influences of technology in this episode, we take a gander at the recent news surrounding our collective environments; Monsanto paid out a fat sum of $289 million to a victim of their weedkiller, RoundUp! This is huge, it marks the other 5,000 lawsuits being lined up against these monsters. We're seeing failures in some aspects and success in others, but that's how I suppose this all works.

Pure Heart Alchemy: Oracle - Communication Mist

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These are supposed to be becoming more elaborate. What are your thoughts? Can you read my gibberish?
Domestic Dervishes, Technocratic Conditi
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