Factions Of Freedom: Domestic Schisms, Biohacking Bloodlines & Planned Obsolescence ⚠️

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We're almost done with 2018 and it feels like this year is just getting started. I'm wondering if anyone else feel like they're idling on a roller coaster. Trying to keep track of what's happening makes my head spin, that's for sure, it makes about as much sense as letting in foreign people and giving up any means to defend yourself.

We're in a time-frame that most people, including myself, can't really comprehend due to the fact of the rapid developments taking place. Whether they're good or bad hasn't been entirely felt yet, but most assuredly, we are at the turning point of the crossroads of history. From government corruption to willful negligence of hazardous chemicals, future generations certainly have their work cut out for them, not only  politically, but emotionally, mentally and of course, spiritually.

What happens when people forgo their history, reality, normality all in the pursuit of instant gratification? Society has become numb to extremes, almost to the point of craving it. This slippery slope we're all on hinges on the ability to keep our attention fixated. We've become so blinded by what's happening, many people can't really see what has happened.

UN Pact Makes Mass Migration A Human Right [Read]

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Forgive the shortcomings, we're doing the best we can!
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